CCTV & Burglar Alarm - Facts and Questions

Listed below are our thoughts concerning installation of CCTV and Burglar Alarms in Milton Keynes. These are the typical questions many people ask before and after they have CCTV system or Burglar Alarm fitted to their property.


Burglar Alarm Q&A

CCTV Questions And Answers

  • Can I have an installation of a CCTV camera which overlooks my neighbour's property or a public road in Milton Keynes?
    You can not view or record CCTV footage of your neighbour's property as this is private property, you will need to digitally mask these areas out.  However, as long as you are only using static cameras, you can record images of public property in Milton Keynes but this footage must be made available upon request.

  • Does a external CCTV camera require the installation of a weather proof 240 volt mains supply?
    No, as the cameras are all 12 volt.  The transformer would be housed inside the property.

  • Can I review CCTV footage remotely using my mobile phone?
    Most modern CCTV systems support viewing of live footage, some even allow you to view stored footage.

  • Can I control the CCTV angle of view remotely?
    Most CCTV systems use static cameras but if you do use Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras, then yes, they can be moved.

  • Is a standard CCTV system good number plate recognition?
    A standard CCTV can read number plates at close range but only at slow vehicle speeds.  To view number plates at more than 5m and 10mph will require a specialist camera, such as the Videcon NPC60.

  • I have a pound of parked vehicles. Can CCTV automatically detect vandals damaging the vehicles.
    You can set up your CCTV to only record when motion is detected and there are systems that now employ facial recognition technology.

  • Can I store and record CCTV images on a remote server on the internet?
    At present this isn't possible in Milton Keynes due to upload speed restrictions.  Most uploads are limited to 0.3MB

  • How good are the CCTV picture and are they good enough for police evidence or prosecution?
    As a minimum we record at D1 resolution (704x576 TV PAL, 704x480 TV NTSC), but higher resolution systems are available.  In order to prosecute the subject needs to occupy more than 125% of the screen.

  • Is night vision any good?
    Every IR camera has a range, started from 5m.  It is imperative that the range of the camera matches or exceeds the distance you are viewing.

  • Can CCTV cameras be linked to my intruder alarm system to trigger it?
    The correct way to achieve this is to use external PIRs which can be used to trigger both the recording of the CCTV and the triggering of the alarm.

  • Will a CCTV installation lower my insurance costs?
    All our installations are supplied with an NSI certificate of Compliance which may lower your insurance costs, you will need to check with them.

  • How do I know if I have any blind areas in my CCTV coverage?
    A professional installation will always conduct a risk assessment site survey which is used to write a specification before installing any equipment.  This will ensure that all blind spots are covered.

  • If I have wireless CCTV can it be blocked or hacked?
    All professional CCTV systems use encrypted signals so cant be blocked or hacked.


Burglar Alarm Question And Answers

  • If I purchase a DIY burglar alarm is it any good?
    All DIY equipment like Yale alarms doesn't comply to BS-EN50131 and PD6662 so won't be as reliable as proffesionally graded and installed equipment.

  • My burglar alarm keeps on going off and I can not stop it!
    This means that your alarm panel back-up battery is dead, we can change this for you.

  • I just moved in to my new home and do not have the PIN code for the alarm, what do I do?
    We can reset this for you along with providing you with a service on the system.

  • Can a burglar alarm work with smoke detectors?
    Yes, smoke detectors such as Menvier M12 can be added to the system, these can signal a fire alarm 24/7.

  • How do I add security to my outbuildings or my shed?
    Yes, wireless detectors can be added to both hardwired and wireless systems.


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