Biometrics (Fingerprint Readers)

Fingerprint Readers are incorporated with an access control system to give you control over who and when those people can access your premesis.

Silver Rhino use ievo™ who are a UK based manufacturer of biometric fingerprint readers. With over twenty-five years experience in the security industry, they have sourced only the best components to comprise their two products; Ultimate™ and Micro™. We can offer you both, which complement each other perfectly to create an incomparable internal and external security system.

Ultimate™ is the robust, reliable and reputable fingerprint reader.  Boasting many unique features Ultimate™ is able to be scanned even with levels of dirt, oil, grease, cream, dust, cosmetics and moisture present on the skin as well as with some types of latex gloves worn by the user. The technology allowing it to do so is called multi-spectral imaging and it is precisely this which enables the reader to function in harsh environmental conditions such as freezing temperatures, rain and direct sunlight. Recently it has been reviewed by renowned security publication, Benchmark Magazine where it was ranked top against three other biometric competitors. It was also a finalist at the Security Excellence Awards in 2011.

Micro™ is the new innovative fingerprint biometric reader from ievo™ for internal access control systems which aims to compete with the card, fob and proximity market. Its name reflects its unobtrusive design as it is compact and practical yet boasts an abundance of reputable features. Most notably, ievo Micro™ encases the same multi-spectral fingerprint sensor as Ultimate™ which allows Micro™ to function with levels of cream and powder present on the skin as well as with certain types of latex gloves worn by the user. Micro™ can be mounted in several positions meaning that wherever it is installed it will not displease the aesthetics of your surroundings.

Both readers offer a unique 8,000 fingerprint capacity and will seamlessly integrate into any security system you already have in place. This will not only save you money but will reduce disruption during the installation process.

See video below for a demonstration. 

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