Alarms - Hardwired and Wireless

Hardwired Alarms

Commercial burglar alarms have historically adopted the hardwired format and in many cases, this is still the most suitable format to use.  The use of wireless alarms is on the increase, but we still find that for many systems, including updates where existing cabling can be utilised, hardwired alarms are be more suitable.

We offer a range of commercial burglar alarms which start from 8 zone systems, typically found in small shops and offices in Milton Keynes to 48 zone systems suitable for medium to large office blocks, such as those found in Central Milton Keynes.

We also offer monitored alarm systems that use a secure 'path' for sending a signal to a monitoring station when triggered.  To find out move, either visit our dedicated page or contact us and we can discuss your needs.

Wireless Alarms

Until recently, wireless alarms had not been reliably used in commercial situations for two main reasons; firstly the signal strength available was not sufficient to span large buildings and secondly, the systems could be affected by interference, such as heavy machinery or other radio signals.  However the introduction of Texecom's RICOCHET Wireless Technology has eliminated these problems.

This new technology, unique to Texecom, combats these two problems as the system creates a 'mesh network' of signals, allowing detectors to use alternative sensors to send signals to the control panel.  If a wireless link is lost or interrupted, the sensor will simply choose an alternative sensor through which it can signal.  The diagram below illustrates this. 


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